Our family has been gathering for a few weeks now every Sunday afternoon ahead of our oldest grandson leaving for the air force. This has been a rewarding time if for no other reason than seeing the grandkids having such a fun time playing with one another. Along with this, it gives me ample time to be with the kids and talk through “life” as they are in the midst of the tougher parenting years. My grandson had told me he wanted us to meet weekly so (in his mind) there would be no wounds in the family when he left. He wanted there to be real peace between all of the family members. It is amazing to me to watch how God is answering a 23 year old’s request.

I am always impressed with God’s leadership. Yesterday in the Mending the Soul class there were only 2 present. One of them was new to the class but someone I know well from Celebrate Recovery and he has decided to join. The other 3 members had said they wouldn’t be present yesterday due to family events. The 2 yesterday were not present the week before so I took the time to catch them up with the other 3 so next week we are all on the same page. I wasn’t sure how we would work this out but God already knew. God is timely and thoughtful. The intimate conversations about being completely honest and open during the class time were able to be done in a smaller setting so next week as we all step into chapter 1, we can do so with a willing heart–surrendered and trusting. GOD IS AMAZING!

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