Last night our quartet sang for a dear lady who is now house-bound. She has been a part of my life for over 50 years going back to when my career started as a teacher. She was part of our school’s PTO, she had been a room mother for me when her youngest was in my classroom. She was instrumental in our church’s worship over all of these years and served on the church board when I also did. I’ve treasured her wisdom and her connection with God. Singing God’s praises for her was a blessed time. Not only was it a blessing in and of itself, I also found that right across the street from her new home location lives another lady I worked with the first 7 years of my career. She is a widow too. We went over and had her join us. It was a beautiful reunion and all in the name of Jesus. I love these opportunities God provides!

There are times when I would like to have God make choices which simply tell what to do. However, it seems that He always wants us to seek Him, but He then leaves the choice to us. I love that He gives us choice–He wouldn’t be the God He is otherwise. I am just perplexed to know if opportunities which come about are ones God wants us to take? I’m facing this at the moment and I don’t have Light shining in either corner. I’m just going to move forward into each day to see if a Light does click on. I do know to Trust and Obey. Sometimes this just takes patience.

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