It is often said that the Lord works in mysterious ways. Well, an item which has been of great concern has been laid wide open and it was done with the wisdom of a child. The outcome is yet to be determined, but it can now be dealt with due to the innocent steps of a kid. Matthew 18:4 says, “So anyone who becomes as humble as this little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.” It is incredible to see the simple trust child has in their Father when they are taught to have Faith. I saw this yesterday and I simply praise this kid for his belief. We adults try to figure out so much when God asks us (tells us) to have the faith of a child). After yesterday I’m reminded what this looks like.

God is so Amazing. My first thought yesterday was what I wrote in the first sentence–God works in mysterious ways. Yet, there is nothing mysterious about what a child did acting on his Faith. I not only need to grow in my simple Faith but I also want to be one who reminds others by my own actions what simple Faith looks like.

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