Today started earlier than I had expected it to. I had awakened to a mind full of things God was wanting me to process with Him and I’m so glad now that He had me do this. There are some things which could easily weigh me down at present if I let them. As I awoke they were heavy on my heart and I needed to have my time with God releasing them to Him. In so doing I not only was able to give them to Him, but He also reminded me of His Magnificent Work. He doesn’t just take the load of heaviness from us as we give it to Him, He then turns that heavy burden into a life lesson for which we can better see Him and to better give Grace to one another. The Hope God gives is turned into action as we surrender the burden. This I have now done!

In choir practice last night we practiced the song, “Grace That You Have Shown”. In it one is reminded to take a look at the faces that line our hallway of life who have pointed us to Christ. In some cases, they were our Christ for a time when Christ wasn’t known or couldn’t be found. Our choir leader gave us one of her “lectures” (as I call them) bringing out the meaning of the song. I can get lost in the technical side of singing wanting to be sure all the notes and timing are right. In so doing I lose the whole purpose of the song for worship. Well, the purpose was vivid last night after the lecture. Even now my heart is filled with gratitude for the faces of those God gave me when I needed love and value. What a tremendous God we serve!

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