Today is the birthday for one of the faces on my wall that I referenced yesterday. She is my Aunt Billie. She is one of the most loving people one could ever be gifted to have in their lives. I have the sweetest memories of her kindness. Her words of affirmation always made me feel valued for the moment. Happy Birthday Aunt Billie!

Today I have read Isaiah 54. It is a powerful chapter. As I opened to it I found a note which was written by my prayer warrior reminding me that this chapter’s promise is being prayed for me and for the people of our Celebrate Recovery group. This chapter tells each of us that we no longer have to be held by the shackles of shame from our youth and we do not need to be depressed. (see verse 4). I’ve been reading this bible now for 5 years. As I’ve read Lois’ message in times past it was a message of hope. Today it is a message of truth. I am no longer bound by the shackles of shame as I had been for so many, many years. Praise God! When God said He is the Great Healer, He is not kidding! There is nothing He didn’t have His Son Jesus bury at the Cross. There is no sin we’ve committed or that was committed to us which has not been buried at the Cross. The struggle had been to believe this is true for me. Hallelujah, it is TRUE! It is true too for any reader who is still struggling to believe. Don’t give up HOPE! Claim this truth for yourself today!

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