Our God really is amazing. No matter how much I may have on my plate for the day, if I just let Jesus lead the day all comes together. This has truly been the case these past couple days. Much of what I wanted done is selfish (gardening and getting everything planted, mowing and trimming, etc.), but God let all of this get done along with what I needed to help some others with. I sure need to learn this lesson well enough that I won’t go back to grabbing the lead and fouling up the day as I’ve done so many times.

As I was reading In Isaiah 58-59 today I couldn’t help but think of the men in our Mending the Soul class. Each of us has plenty of reason to hate what life has given. Each one is coming with a cautious hope that momentarily takes them beyond their struggles to a place called Freedom. So many thousand years ago, life wasn’t different. Men struggled then too, just as we do today. Struggles may look different, but how men handle it is much the same. In every case, God is showing us how to find His Light. Until we reveal the darkness of our soul by speaking it, Light cannot penetrate it. The beautiful thing I’ve found is that when this does happen for us, the Light we receive begins to be used to help others see their own and the Light begins HOPE for them. As I said in the first sentence: Our God is AMAZING!

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