God is so faithful, good and kind. Yesterday I said I had a long list of things to get done and I did. However, as I let that list go and asked God to take the lead–He did. I was able to have an important conversation with the one on my heart. I not only helped my grandson, but was able to also surprise him with an early birthday gift. When I got back home I was able to get more of my own gardening done than I’d thought. I then got to Celebrate Recovery for our worship practice and all went very well. God is Amazingly Good! We even had 4 newcomers at CR last night.

After Celebrate Recovery restarted in person last July, 2020, several of our leadership team members didn’t return. The absence of in-person meeting seemed to let them know they could move on and they did. I never saw this as a bad thing, just a reality. It did leave us with the need for new potential to start coming. The leaders who stayed began to pray more diligently for ones in our community to respond to God’s nudges and come for help. Last night one of our leaders gave her testimony. In our men’s share group I was made aware how God was answering our prayers and I hadn’t noticed. There were 5 men sharing about this “new testimony” and it was this lady’s 4th or 5th time to give it. I smiled to myself and thanked God for showing me how He is working even when I don’t notice. I told the guys at the end of the hour of sharing they were answers to prayer. It is so wonderful to have the chance to see God continuously working! I love our GOD!

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