Did you ever hear the phrase, “Why would you ever want to share that? Those things you want to keep to yourself!” I cannot begin to tell you how many times I did hear that or something very close to it as I was growing up and as I got into my young adult years. Now, all these years later, the class Mending the Soul, has us doing just the opposite. The entire purpose of the class is to get each participant to share all of these dark secrets of past abuse and sins. The sole reason is that if it is shared “…one to another you will be healed.” James 5:16.

The class yesterday went deeply into one’s trust in God, one’s beliefs about who God is to them and so much more. One has to start with this area. If we don’t recognize how much we have stuffed into the walled off areas of our life regarding God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit, we will have little chance of ever finding the fullness of the healing God promises in His Word.

Going through this class for the 3rd time I am being awakened more and more to the freedom God has provided me. It is painful to hear others talk the very same messages about God’s Team (Himself, Jesus and The Holy Spirit), from their past. Yet, there is that sliver of Hope which they cling to. The first step is getting it spoken and recognize you are not alone. Hope grows in community and God is beginning this community of men “…one day at a time, one moment at a time accepting hardship as a pathway to peace.” (The Serenity Prayer)

We walked away from class yesterday having shared some of the most despairing things to one another. I reminded each one to let what was shared linger with us as we go into the week and not steel it back off as I use to do. God’s tender voice begins to speak the truths we can rely on when we continue the journey into each day. God’s emotional/spiritual surgery is painful, yet the freedom from healing is worth it all–I know!

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