Today, as I began my journaling, I didn’t think I had much to process with God. I was just going to write down what was to take place and then ask Him to lead in all of it. However, that quickly changed when God asked me to look around me, not just where I am sitting in my den, but look around me in each of the places I’d be today. He asked me if I see Him or if I only saw the tasks I am to do? His reminder to see Him turned into seeing the day as one where I get to work with Him instead of a day where I have these tasks to complete.

This lesson of today has such a solid, important outcome to it. Do I anchor my day, each day, on the solid Rock of Jesus Christ? Am I stepping into the day grounded? I often say this is the outcome of every day’s devotional time for me. However, this morning God pointed out my need to look around and see life as a chance to live serving Him rather than seeing life as chores to complete. This makes me sit up straight and be on alert. God is never not working and I don’t want to miss any part of it because my eyes are on the wrong target.

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