There are some circumstances “close to home” which have been most troubling of late. At first I’d thought–“this too shall pass”–but it didn’t pass, it kept getting worse. I kept wanting to step in somehow and bring peace and harmony but I kept knowing it was not my place nor the time. As I began my journaling this morning I wrote to God my thoughts and my prayers along with my desire for Him to take the lead in this wondering how this could ever be possible, yet knowing nothing is impossible with God. My devotion’s title was the verse Psalms 30:5, “Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.”

My bible reading continues in Jeremiah where the Israelites seem to have closed ears to the warnings God has him deliver. When I knelt to pray my heart was heavy with the burden weighing heavily on it. I wanted to say, “God, You are needed right now!” However, right in the center of my prayer list in large letters is “PRAISE GOD”. I told Him I was finding this difficult at the moment, yet as I forced myself to do just what the words say–PRAISE GOD–I was reminded to TRUST. If I only look at man I only see what man is doing and it is not praise worthy in the least. BUT, as soon as I lifted my eyes and arms towards heaven I could trust and rejoice knowing even in this dark moment God is working.

I have seen God working so many, many times that I wonder why I need this constant reminder, yet as soon as I remember my own humanness I know why I do. God is faithful to the end and this dark moment will have a LIGHT shining into it, I know.

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