It is true that the faithfulness of God never stops. He is faithful to the end–oh that we could be so too. A Light did begin to shine yesterday relating to the difficulty being faced by some loved ones I wrote about yesterday. Praising God, trusting what one doesn’t yet see, is always the right thing to do. God is so much more than man can fathom, so remembering to TRUST and PRAISE HIM are critical elements in times of great need.

Last night our lesson in Celebrate Recovery was Forgiveness. Our large group time is growing. There are newcomers each week and there are more of them beginning to stay which I love to see. So, when we break into our share groups there are new men sharing their struggles. It was so good to hear them confess what they need to address in their lives. Vulnerability and men usually are not synonymous terms. However, there is something about Celebrate Recovery being a safe place to finally get men to say what “I’ve needed to say for a long time”. I heard much of this last night.

There was one more thing about the lesson which several of the men commented about. We may be working diligently to overcome hurts, hang-ups and habits, however sometimes we slip and fall. The lesson brought out the fact that falling doesn’t take us back to the very beginning of our journey of recovery. God is right there where we fell waiting to help us up and get us focused in the right direction once again. Most, if not all of us, struggle and sometimes give up because we can’t get past our starting place when in reality we are only at the starting place one time. Satan’s lies are what tell us we are way back at the beginning when God wants us to see with Him just how far we have come with the assurance He is always with us as we get back up, brush ourselves off and continue this journey of recovery.

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