Today marks the 24th birthday of my oldest grandchild. He is leaving a week from today for the Air Force to prepare to work in their special forces. He is very excited and we are excited for him. Today we will celebrate him. The best thing of all is his love for God. It is so enjoyable to see a young man wanting to serve God and to call him “my grandson”.

Yesterday my second oldest grandson was coming after lunch to help me assemble the swimming pool I had ordered to replace the one our deck surrounds. It is a big chore and I’ve never been good assembling anything. I knew he was helping a neighbor so he would come as soon as that was done. I got started and the neighbor needed more help than we thought so the amazing thing was I had it almost finished by the time he arrived. There were a couple of times when I was stumped and I asked myself what Hayden would do? So, I looked at the pictures to see what I was missing but my grandson would catch. There it was! I went onto finish. When Hayden arrived I told him I figured God had him delayed so He could teach me once and for all that I can do some of these things on my own after 70 years! God and grandkids are the best!

It is nice to have a day where we do nothing but appreciate what God has done/is doing/will be doing!

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