Last night I had some news shared with me that quickly upset me. I am not one to get angry immediately very often, but, this did. I don’t show anger by yelling and screaming, mine is brewing. This morning I brought this brewing to God as I began to journal. If I were talking to you face to face right now instead of writing this in the blog I would likely hear you say what God told me. I asked God what He wanted me to do about this? He immediately reminded me that this was not my concern and to leave it with the ones involved. He was very capable of working with them and He didn’t need me “helping Him out”. I write this now and realize I’d likely tell someone who brought this message to me the same thing.

The problem that made me so upset hit close to home. A person was destroying stability and putting some things at risk in so doing. I wanted to go tell them to take a look at the risks they were causing. Along with God telling me to keep my nose out of this, He also reminded me that man’s view of stability was very different from His. He wanted me to shift from my quick man’s judgment to TRUST. Trust God and Trust Him working with the one involved. TRUST is a sure sign of stability in God’s Kingdom Work. The man involved in this is a believer and I had placed him outside the realm of a believer who talks with God and listens to Him.

My journey and lesson for today!

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