So often through the Gospels one reads that Jesus went off by himself to meditate and pray. When his ministry started he was surrounded by great crowds continually. I can humanly understand why he would need the chance to regroup and allow His Father to minister to him. The thing Jesus understood better than any man is what sin nature did to man. Man’s selfishness always creates chaos and drama when man is together. Jesus knew this and this is why God knew we needed a Savior.

I wrote yesterday about Satan’s attempts to destroy the health of our family. Each early morning I am reminded to use this time as Jesus did–to let our Father speak and minister to me. His Holy Word does this so well and when I journal what is troubling me I am able to do as James wrote in James 1:2, “Consider it pure joy whenever you face trials of many kinds”. Journaling allows me to get the drama out of my system and let me see it for what it is–trials Satan is trying to use to destroy.

This morning when I read this in my devotional it brought a smile to my face. There is only one way to find joy in facing trials of many kinds and that is when we surrender them to the very One Who can and wants to take them. Jesus Christ is the One who can and does stand in the gap of man’s weaknesses and gives us strength when He does. Boy, do I love this about our God and Father and His Son Jesus. In this I can smile and find joy as trials come my way.

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