I’ve lived a long time to learn just how intimate God is in handling the details of my life. The drama I referenced yesterday in my family was something I knew I couldn’t address and create any health, but I also could see no way even God could. Well, with my limited capacity, and God’s unlimited capacity it was not only addressed, but we had a wonderful day and all the details of it were completed without a hitch. Unexpected details started coming together and when the first one came I knew then God was performing only what He knew to do. AMAZING!

My oldest grandson leaves later this afternoon for his Air Force training. He will spend the night in Boise and fly out in the morning. Once he flies away we can have no contact with him for a few months. Even though that will seem odd, I rejoice in his decision making. He is not just going into the Air Force, but God is leading him. I don’t ask God to go with him for I already know God is the One who opened this door. My grandson is going with God. This makes a grandpa’s heart feel awfully good!

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