The journey took a pause for a few days as we left last Friday for Oregon. Not only did I not have internet access, I hadn’t packed my devotional materials: Bible, devotional and journal. I don’t know how I simply forgot all of this. We did have 18 of us going so there was much to pack and several rigs to pack. However, forgetting all of this was a shock once I got there and realized they were not with me. So, in actuality the journey went forward, it is the habits of home which took a pause for three days. I didn’t feel as though God and I lost touch with each other, I simply didn’t get my intimate time with Him in His Word and journaling to Him.

The unexpected outcome of these past few days was seeing my grandkids in close proximity for this time. We were together 24/7 so one couldn’t help but see each of them and their personal characteristics. We may all be one family unit, but the differences within each member are huge. I loved the time as I believe each of us did, but it also showed me how to better personalize to each one. I write this and then wonder how God does this for a world of billions? He makes Himself real to each of us as we open ourselves to Him. Oh, how the world needs our Savior–Jesus Christ.

I am very glad to be back to my routine. I reflect better here and I can listen so much better to the Voice of God’s Spirit. As much enjoyment as there is in being together, time alone is critical for the nourishment of our soul. God is truly the anchor for each man. Staying in daily touch with Him is vital to our health–spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

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