It is so easy to be in obedience to God when it fits what we want to do or it fits with what the “others” are doing. However, when we are to take a different turn or simply walk away, it becomes a much more difficult thing. It almost feels like one is being punished by God just to see if you will obey. Of course, that is a momentary feeling. If one will stay with the obedience one always finds the beauty of obedience. God has His ways of letting one know that obeying Him has its benefits and they far outweigh the opposite. I keep seeing the truth of this as I continue reading in Jeremiah. This book is such a vivid description of man’s selfishly choosing what he wants to do from God’s leadership rather than obeying no matter the cost in man’s mind. I don’t want to live this way any more.

Today our family heads to Oregon for the weekend. Our kids want to be where we spent a lot of time when they were young. This is their mom’s homeland. Just because of the “housing circumstances” I may or may not be consistent with posting through Monday. Just a heads up.

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