One by one the kids are leaving along with the older grandkids. I’m not even sure how many spent the night as I was the first to go to bed with the exception of the 5 year old who unwillingly submitted to mom’s insistence. It sure takes no insistence on my part to go to bed! The Oklahoma family leaves at noon today so last night was everyone’s last fling.

There are so many decisions needing to be made by different ones around me. My oldest is building a house presently and there are scores of decisions they are needing to make. Sometimes we hear these with requests for your thoughts and other times we hear these as simply decisions needing to be made. All of the decisions when made leave a path of contentment or discontentment. It is important to think it through well. The decisions we make regarding how we treat one another is another huge area often not given much thought–only action.

This morning as I was journaling about this I asked Jesus what He wanted me to know for today, as I do each day. The response was immediate–“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7. So often we gather the advise of those around us and then ponder and ponder more about what is best. We stew and stew when Jesus has given us this simple advise to ASK, SEEK and KNOCK. I’m certainly not ruling out the gathering of sage advice from wise counsel. The message this morning was hitting home that the first ASK should be of Jesus and far too often I get down the road before I remember to take all of these concerns to Him. Lesson for today!

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