“There shall be NO other gods before Me.” Exodus 20:2. This command was given to the Israelites as part of their Ten Commandments. That was hundreds of years before God had finally had enough and sent them all to their foreign conqueror. As I began Lamentations today I read it with such mourning. Hundreds and thousands of times God had prophets give them exact warnings which they chose to ignore over and over. Finally, God took his final action.

There is so much relevance to God’s warning for us today. More than two thousand years later God’s command is the same–No Other gods before me. Every selfish, sinful action I take is putting myself ahead of God–at least for that moment. The older I get the more recognizable all of this is. If I look even for a moment at our country I see just how much our nation has turned to so many gods rather than to our One True God. As I begin to read Lamentations, I am convicted to stand true to my One and only God. For the rest of my life I want to be a testament to my kids and grandkids first and foremost that GOD is not only the One True God, He is worthy of being God too. Putting our selfish priorities ahead of Him only leads to eventual sadness. Please join me in committing to living for OUR ONE TRUE GOD!

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