My brother just younger than me is quite different from me in many ways. He’s good with his hands, his memory is strong for details and he sees details when it comes to the things his hands do. In all of these I am not. He is also hardwired very differently than me. He’s quick to get angry and then move on; he releases from his mind and emotions what can’t be changed, etc. In these cases I am relentless to stay the course and not give up on changing what is wrong–find a different approach. Don’t get angry, get determined. Well, these characteristics, his or mine, were just characteristics, not right or wrong.

Last night my brother asked Kathy and me to come for dinner. Kathy was already there working with his wife on some church mission’s project. I had wanted to process some details with him that were troubling me–problems my grandkids are up against and one of them is much like myself. The other one is much like my brother. I found myself amazed to hear how he was able to let things go when I could not. He recalled instances of our childhood as examples. I found myself realizing how hardwired each of us is. My grandchildren are the same. I’ve always wanted to change myself to be more like my brother only to find last night that I needed to appreciate who I am and not see it as a weakness but simply a characteristic God gave me. Satan wants to keep us seeing ourselves as a mistake instead of a creation by God. This is what I want to help my grandkids see.

I’ve wanted to talk to these grandchildren but didn’t have the message I thought was needed. Today I find myself more grounded. When the time comes, we can talk.

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