Today’s journey has several opportunities to proclaim the Glory of God. It starts in a couple of hours when our quartet leads worship for our church. We end the time of worship with a song which I’ve grown to greatly appreciate–“He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away”. It is a true testament of God’s working on my life as well as any other, particularly those who have felt their life had no value.

Our Mending the Soul class will come together the second hour and address the last area of abuse–sexual abuse. Last week this topic silenced the men. As I’ve journaled and taken notes through the week I’ve found that this one area has been the most deeply rooted in my value/belief system. It is also the one Satan has a hay day with. However, it has been so good to lay this out on the table so God could squarely speak to me through His Word and His Spirit. I pray that each of the men will find this truth this morning as we meet.

If there is one thing God has always wanted me (you and me) to know, it is the fact that there is no sin we commit or no sin committed against us too big for God’s forgiveness and grace. He never throws the clay of life away. He continues to mold and make us into His image as we let go of the false beliefs we’ve clung to. How amazing our God is !

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