I have mentioned several times in the past few days about the lesson a week ago with Mending the Soul. We ended the lesson on the topic of sexual abuse as the 6th category of abuse the class addresses. Yesterday we were to take the time to talk about what God’s Spirit had opened our eyes to as we stayed awake to our own past during the week. I suppose I should not be surprised that I was the only one in class that had something to say. These men are starting their journey of addressing this topic. There are so many beliefs they still have about themselves which God is only starting to awaken as lies. The idea these lies will be replaced in a week is my own self-deception. They need time to work through all of the ugliness which I’ve needed to do in the past few years. I’d like to believe others won’t have to deal with their pasts like I’ve had too, they can skip that painful part. Yet, God is reminding me over and over that this is part of healing.

I always wanted God to remove the memories as though they never happened. Instead, God uses the memories I’ve needed to face to help others do the same. So, God’s help for me last week is another example of Him helping me face what I hadn’t wanted to face so others can be encouraged to do the same. Sexual abuse is an awful sin leaving painful wounds, many false beliefs and destructive behaviors. Yet, God continues to heal these as we allow ourselves to trust Him with them one at a time. God is truly a patient healer!

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