Summer is only 5 days away and with it my trips to school districts is ending for the year. I go to one at noon today and I believe that will be the last for a few weeks. It is nice to have the time to just be home and take care of yard and garden. There are some random workshops in the summer, but they will primarily be ones done at home. That’s nice!

Last night Kathy and I were able to connect with friends who live about 25 miles away. We hadn’t been together since the pandemic started. It was so good to spend the evening with them and get caught up on one another’s lives as well as our families. He is a pastor and was the first man I ever told about my past. At the time they lived 400 miles away so I felt safe in telling him. If he shunned me it wouldn’t matter. I only saw them once a year anyway. He didn’t know any of “my friends in Idaho”. Instead, he gave me a couple of books to read which helped frame some lies I’d thought were truths about myself. I was in my earlier 30’s at this time. A few years later I entered into the first counseling I began having.

As I reflect momentarily on this I’m reminded just how far God has brought me from that first night of sharing. Wow, our God is so GOOD!

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