This morning’s continued reading in Ezekiel ties so meaningfully into yesterday’s blog. In Ezekiel 37 God is telling him to command that the dry bones take life and spirit. In so doing these meaningless objects were given life with purpose.

As I was reading this I was envisioning everyone of us who comes to Celebrate Recovery and the scores of others who haven’t yet come. We see ourselves as “worthless dry bones”. We wish we had some purpose, but we are filled with the fear that if purpose were given to us we would just blow it as we have done so many times before. Yet, when each one of us takes our first step and then the next and so on, we find that God is beginning to knit our bones together and breathe new life (hope) into us. At some point in time, even when we don’t realize, purpose for others begins to happen. People we don’t even know are watching, are getting hope for themselves by seeing new life breathed into us. God is using our mess to create a hopeful message for someone else.

I find it so incredible that over and over God is taking the dry bones of our lives and giving purpose and meaning to them. He truly DOES make us into a new creation. This process of taking what was lifeless and giving not only life, but life with vigor and purpose makes me tear up all over again. Our God is absolutely WONDERFUL. How much I love Him!

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