Yesterday was one of those day where I felt as though I was in a whirlwind which kept me refocusing on this and then that and then back to this again. In all of it I felt like doors were opening which had been closed until right then. Some of this had to do with the consulting I do and then the other had to do with my youngest daughter wanting to relocate where she and her family live. By the end of the day I had a splitting headache even though all of the whirling had been positive. I couldn’t sleep last night due to all of it.

This morning I brought it all to Jesus as I journaled. As I was writing out all that happened and my feelings I found myself seeing Christ walk away from the crowd and from His disciples to “sup with His Father”. Instead of getting up to spend time with God last night, I stewed and pondered. I did pray but the prayers were mostly like pleading for clarity. This morning I’ve been able to praise Jesus and His Spirit. I’ve surrendered the details to THEM. Even at my grandpa age I am very human. God is showing me what total surrender is like and how to turn my humanness over to Him. It is not a sin to be human and have a headache. However, a new creation quickly knows when to walk away and sup with the Father so He can give His Light.

I am ready for today and Jesus is at the helm. Thank you Jesus!

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