Total surrender–day 3. I am amazed that the older I get the faster the days go by. I believe we all experience this. When we are quite young I doubt we even think about time or I don’t recall that I did. What brought time into real focus for me was abuse. The older I got as a kid the faster I wanted time to go by so that I could get away from home and be free of that bondage.

In my flesh today I can hardly keep track of one day from another. However, in my spiritual life the day is different. The idea that I am totally surrendered in the morning as right now, is soon forgotten. By this time the next day I haven’t even remembered that I wrote this until I sit down to have my devotions and I reflect on the day before. That’s when it hits me–I was to be totally surrendered! What happened to that commitment? I went through the day making my choices all day long. It is almost as though there is no “time” in our spiritual life. It simply flows continuously. I am learning surrender and how it applies to my life of flesh where selfishness and pride want to rule. I’ve got a lot to learn about this total commitment.

I started the book of Daniel this morning. Talk about a totally committed man–Daniel is our outstanding example. God is awakening a need and showing how it is lived through this example.

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