Total surrender. I know I started yesterday with this same line. It is simply a line that can’t be dealt with in one writing. I recently made a commitment for next school year to work with a school district out of state two days a month starting later this summer. I wasn’t going to do this but I’d asked God to give me His direct leadership in a way I’d know it was from Him. My plate was full enough I thought. Two days later I was called by the school superintendent out of the blue. We don’t know one another but my resume had an item in it which he wanted to talk about. The conversation led me to ask if he were a spiritual man? His response was a big, “Yes”. I then said I was too and I’d been asking God for a couple days to give somehow let me know that He wanted me or didn’t want me to take on this assignment. The superintendent then said, “Would you consider this call being the sign?” This time my response was, “Yes”.

Now that a couple days have passed I wonder. All of the what if’s have begun to start. I keep telling myself that I’ve made the commitment. The big item that hits me is that this is secular work and I keep thinking God wants me doing His spiritual work. Then I write this and know beyond any shadow of doubt that all God’s Work is spiritual regardless of what man labels it. Does total surrender mean doing what man calls secular? In this case, my answer is yes. The journey continues.

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