Today has an early start as I am going to work with a team of teachers for the day. They are creating a structure to give additional help this coming year to struggling students. This is one of my most favorite topics so I rejoice that a group of teachers is wanting to take a day of their summer to do this!

Why does God love us (me)? It is easy to see multiple reasons why He wouldn’t just as the book Hosea says. Yet, as the book ends God still loves His people. He continues to give a way out of their sinful decisions and a pathway leading back to Him. In reality none of this is about us, it is all about God and Who He Is. Do you know that each one of us is “the apple of His eye”? I feel like a proud boy just writing this. Do I deserve this? Well, no. But, is it true–Yes, not because of what I’ve done, but because of Who God Is! Reflect on this and rejoice in this throughout this day. We are the apple of God’s eye!

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