35 years ago today Kathy and I got the call that our baby we were adopting was born. We were to pick her up the next day from the hospital. Today we rejoice in the gift God gave to us!

This morning a young man is coming to talk with me. He has visited with me one other time so I have a fairly good idea what he is wanting to talk about. Often I wish the ugliness of sin didn’t need to be so deceptive and so attractive, however, Satan doesn’t care what he needs to do to deter man from God. He bars nothing. So, today, I will approach this conversation with the full armor of God in tact. I will do my best to allow the Holy Spirit speak His Truths through me. This young man needs to know he is a child of God no matter what the struggle is. God makes no mistakes in who He creates. The lies Satan wants us to believe which man creates are simply lies. Living for Jesus may seem confusing, but the rewards of doing so are never known until we take the steps of living for Him each and every day. Pray with me please for this young man.

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