Today as I began to journal I was nudged to reflect on God’s goodness. As I asked Him what He wanted me to know for today I was reminded that His nudges are not to be considered choices. When God nudges He wants us to respond right then to the nudge. Sometimes the nudge is a restraint and more often for me it is a step to take. No matter what the nudge is, God was reminding me this morning that His nudge is His command. My response to it is to obey. I had journaled prior to this that I wanted to be a fully dedicated disciple for Him. It was then that He gave me this message.

As I began my devotional reading following the journaling, its focus was entirely on full obedience to God by faith. It was easy to tie this message to the one just given to me. So often when God nudges I question the nudge rather than take it on faith and immediately obey. God is driving home a critical message for which I want to take to heart.

PS–Yesterday’s time with the young man was a good meeting. He and his girlfriend are working it out so they can meet with Kathy and me and hopefully come to Celebrate Recovery together. God is so GOOD!

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