Well, I did something this morning that I may start doing more often–forgetting! When I finished my devotions (which is when I routinely write this blog) I immediately started reading through a chapter in the book: I Give You Authority. I going to be giving a workshop on it later this month and I wanted to take the time and reread some of the material I will use. From there I went outside to do some early spraying for weeds. I got all of this done and was checking my phone when I realized I’d never taken the time to write this morning’s blog. My apologies. One of the things about a journey continuing is the consequence of the body’s decline–at least at my age that is true!

My daughter in Oklahoma is a children’s pastor. She is preparing a sermon on Psalms 91 and wanted my opinion regarding the chapter’s content and how it applies to children of abuse? It talks of God’s protection/deliverance. What does this message mean for children who are being abused? Where is God then? What does this chapter mean for ones like me?

I read the chapter asking The Holy Spirit to provide His insight. As I did read it I was immediately reminded that this chapter wasn’t written for children. It is written for adults who choose to “dwell in the secret place of the Most High” as stated in vs. 1 of the chapter. When God gave man choice, unfortunately this means choice to abuse for his/her pleasure and the destruction of children’s innocence. He can also choose to dwell in the secret place which the chapter addresses. There is scripture Jesus gives in Matthew 18:6 stating the consequence of an adult who chooses to abuse a child and where he will dwell.

There is much more I could add here. I’ve lived the days when I thought God had abandoned me and that message comes often when working with victims of abuse. However, helping them stay the course, God does provide love and clarity to this most ugly sin. God is so GOOD!

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