I’m always impressed with God and the way He works. As I was ending my journaling this morning and asking Jesus what He wanted me to know from Him for today? (I was wanting to ask specifically about the workshop I’m to do in a couple weeks), He simply gave me the insight I was wanting. Over the past three weeks I’d determined what part of the book, I Give You Authority, was the right portion to use. What I didn’t know was the best way to process it with the group. This is what Jesus provided for me. Thank You Jesus!

A few days ago in my devotions I was reading in the little book of Amos about anger. In it, Joyce Meyer had written an insert regarding her anger towards God for many years and then her anger towards Satan because of her own many years of childhood abuse. She then tells how she eventually turned that anger over to God. Over time He helped her to use that energy which had been given to anger and turn it into a passion for helping others overcome their own obstacles hindering their walk with God. I earmarked the page in my bible knowing I’d want to reference back to it with our Mending the Soul men. Well, today we are tackling the topic of the abuser. It is a perfect place to read Joyce’s message. We can lose a good deal of our lives by funneling energy into something that only ends up costing us more.

These are hard lessons to work through in life, but they are so important if we are to use our past as a lesson for other’s growth. God is wanting to help us get to this point in our recovery. He is so patient and kind, yet relentless in His pursuit of us and guiding us into a greater fullness of Him. Thank You Jesus!

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