Yesterday’s prayer time was amazing. It was interesting to hear the different ones participating tell how God had given them a peace about being present. Man is never to take charge in items that belong to God and His Spiritual Authority. Yes, man is to do our part, but in this case, man’s part was to be present and obedient to God’s nudges. God made very clear what this lady needed to do and this came out during the evening. It was a privilege to watch this process unfold.

This morning in less than an hour my oldest grandson graduates from basic training in the Air Force. We get to watch it on line. He has joined and is going into special forces. All of the cognitive tests have been passed at very high levels and he has already been recognized by his commanding officers as a leader of his group of men. It is a joy to watch this take place. A letter from him just yesterday said that he was praying each day for grandma and me knowing we also pray daily for him. I had never once thought about the time when my own grandchildren would pray for me. What a tearful honor this is!

God is such a GOOD GOD! What an honor it is to serve Him. Learning to let Him lead in every aspect of my life is an ongoing process and a daily exercise. Yet, I love watching and participating in life with Him.

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