It is so amazing to me how egocentric we are. No matter how much I believe and trust, I find myself needing to be brought back to the fact it is not what I do but it is what I surrender and let God do. Later this afternoon we meet to pray over this lady from Celebrate Recovery who is in bondage. I keep thinking I need to do this and that in order to be ready. Then, when I asked Jesus what He wanted me to know for today He reminded me that my task is to BELIEVE. There is no power in what I do if Jesus is not in the lead. It seems to be inherent in man to think he always has to lead. I surrender over and over and I’ll need to keep doing this. The other big item is I need to quit thinking about doing and think about believing. This is a real shift and I need to spend much more time in this arena.

If you are nudged at 5:30 MDT to pray for Lois (our prayer warrior) and for this lady from CR, I’d appreciate it. Yes, I will be present too so praying for all of us as we address this bondage will be deeply appreciated. I won’t tell the whole story here, but evil is being confronted today in the Name and the Power of Jesus Christ–our Great Healer!

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