Today is one of those days for which I have little, if anything to say. It is not that it is a bad day, I have lots of things going through my mind, but none of which seems worthy of writing down. As I had gone to prayer time in my devotions I saw the word PRAISE at the top of my prayer list. I know to praise and I did praise God/Jesus. I needed to remind myself too that joy comes in the morning and it is morning.

My brothers and I with our wives get together once a month and yesterday was the day. Most of the time I enjoy them and I actually enjoyed yesterday. However, one of the topics discussed was growing up on the farm and the work of doing so. I was the one brother who wanted to use the shovel and not the tractors and equipment. If something went wrong with them I would be stuck for I have never been good with mechanical issues. Why this troubled me yesterday, I don’t know but it is carrying over to this morning. My brothers loved the tractor work. For a moment it reminded me how different I am from them and how limited I always felt I was not being like them or dad.

OK, I’ve written this down and now I let it go. I’ve not learned to appreciate who I am very much. But, right now I thank God for making me the way I am. I am not gifted as my brothers, but God made me the way I am with purpose in mind. I will use who I am for Him and I will praise Him in so doing. Praise God!

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