This morning, after I go to church and lead the class for Mending the Soul, I head to the airport. I’m going to meet with the superintendent of a school district in northwest Montana. Several months ago I was asked to consider working with this district in the coming year. I said I’d pray about it and actually didn’t give it much thought until a couple months later when they called again and asked what I was thinking? It is then that I began to pray and ask God what He thought/wanted? I still thought it was not to happen. I was going to make this my last year and so why would I add more work to it? The amazing thing to me is that God kept inspiring reasons to go rather than reasons to not go. Today, I go and the superintendent is meeting me at the airport in Spokane so we can use the driving time to get started. Tomorrow we will continue to define the work ahead and then I’ll fly home–hopefully with a schedule that God builds.

I’ve written before how I struggle with secular work being God’s work. Yet, in this case there is no struggle for I’ve seen too much of God’s work putting it together to question His leadership. Here we go.

Yesterday morning I received a text message from a lady who had read my book and had sent it to her husband. They separated almost a year ago due to his addiction which has been motivated by his running from childhood sexual abuse. The reason for the text yesterday was because he had called his wife and asked to talk. He has begun to read the book finding it very painful yet, he said he was committed to finishing it. He hasn’t thought God could love someone who had been used like he had. I know this message all too well. God is working and never stops working. How much I praise Him for this!

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