Today I’m in Montana to begin the consulting work with a new school district here. The superintendent picked me up from the airport yesterday afternoon and we drove the 3 hours to the town talking intensely regarding what the work would look like for this coming school year. The more we talked the more I could easily see this connection working. He is a strong believer and was raised in a strong Christian home and continues this with his own home. He is only a year old in his superintendent role so he is very open to learning which is a huge plus on his part. As I awoke during the night I thanked God for the opportunity to work with this place and with this man.

As I was reading in Zachariah this morning earlier I find such relevant instruction. He himself is learning that his role is to complete what God inspires within him to do. He is not to do what God Himself is to do. Learning to separate my own role from God’s is a lesson unto itself. I am a doer by nature but learning my boundaries in what my job is has been a continual lesson. Providing insights is much of what my consulting work does. However, creating the desire to complete the work with the ones I consult with is God’s work. I don’t need to think I’m here to change people. God is the Change Agent through His Holy Spirit. I give this to Him. God is never done shaping us into a greater image of Himself.

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