The journey today has brought Kathy and me to Wallowa, OR so she could spend her birthday with her siblings and then today attend a family reunion with all of her extended family. In fact, today is my own sister’s birthday who lives in S. California. They are having a small family reunion with her. This is my oldest living sis who resides in an assisted living home.

Yesterday the Celebrate Recovery Summit was wrapping up. We left prior to the closing activities to get to Oregon in time for us to go to dinner with Kathy’s siblings. Our last activity with the group was one regarding boundaries. It focused primarily on boundaries we learn to set with our family. For whatever reason the person presenting was focusing on boundaries with our earthly father/Heavenly Father. The ending part of it reminded me of many therapy sessions I’ve had facing my areas of need in facing my dad. It also bought to mind so much baggage I had about my Heavenly Father tied to my earthly father. Over the years I’ve been able to face these memories and let go of the fact that dad’s behaviors were about him and not about me. I’ve also learned that my Heavenly Father’s behaviors are nothing like dad’s. God’s behaviors are far more about the Fruits of the Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Gentleness, Goodness, Kindness and Self-Control. I’ve found this to be so very true especially since God helped me draw the line between what were my dad’s issues and what were mine.

God is such a loving, faithful Father. He will stay with us through these dark areas in our lives until His Light shines through and the truth is found. Don’t give up if this Light hasn’t been found for you. Keep your hope in Jesus and the day will come when understanding and peace will be yours too.

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