Today I began reading the New Testament starting in Matthew. In just finishing the Old Testament yesterday I have a new sense of love and appreciation for it. I use to read the Old Testament as a discipline. I would learn some things from it, but for the most part, I would discipline myself to read it knowing it was important to not just read what I wanted from the Bible, but read all of it. When I began many months ago to read the Old Testament I asked God to be the voice of the words I was reading. I wanted to read it as though I were hearing it from Himself instead of simply reading it as though I were reading someone else’s writing. It has been an amazing change. A big awakening was when I came to the Psalms. I wrote about it at the time, but my personal awakening was to realize that this book is as much for me as for anyone else. I was finally awake to the realities in my life. As I’ve finished the minor prophets I couldn’t help but think just how much God has wanted His children then and now, to hear Him and respond to Him. He is continuously giving us a “heads up”. Do we listen? My word, how we don’t listen. We just continue to repeat the sins of man and his selfishness.

Now, as I begin to read the New Testament I want to continue to read it as the voice of God directing me, teaching me, shepherding me, loving me and disciplining me. As this develops I too want to be a vessel for His Light to shine through. This is a journey of life I’m so grateful to be undertaking.

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