As I began to read Matthew 8 this morning I found I couldn’t move past this chapter. My word, it contains so much insight into living for Jesus that I could hardly finish the full chapter. I loved the insight Joyce Meyer gave. She wrote that living the broad road is living where we respond to our emotions and our own desires. Yes, we believe in Jesus but our walk is far more driven by our earthly self. The narrow road is walked being led by the Spirit and they obey the Spirit rather than their own emotions. I love this insight. God’s Spirit has been working on this with me for several years and I finally see it this morning.

There is one other insight today that I truly needed. It is about how the chapter starts–judging others. There is a subtle difference in how we speak and pray for others which either keeps judging in the prayer or removes it. Let me give an example. I have some folks on my prayer list that I pray for each day. I pray something like, “Jesus, help them to see the Light You want them to follow. I know it is hard for them, but please help them to overcome their obstacles…” As I read this morning’s scripture and Joyce’s description of low and high road, I was checked by God’s Spirit to change my prayers. I need to pray Trusting and Believing. An example, “God I know Your Spirit is working in _______’s life. I thank you for what The Holy Spirit is doing and the overcoming that awaits them.” My entire mindset changes when I pray believing, rather than pray with little hope. I needed this insight.

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