As I have begun to read the book of Matthew I am reminded what a tremendous guide it is for daily living out our Christian walk. Pray specifically, pray privately and humbly, do good deeds without public notice, be free of anxiety, trust instead. My word, if we were to live daily like this it would make living much easier–particularly the worry one. The next chapter begins with the verse about judging. I only looked at this. I can deal with it tomorrow for today I know God wants me to look and deal deeply with the one about worry.

I have never liked to think of myself as a worrisome person, but I know that inside I fret and stew about things. I believe these two words are just another way of saying–worry. I don’t often let them stop me from moving forward, but I do waste a good deal of my “thinking time” with them. I know that I need to address details regarding all the different tasks being done, but to address these with worry is wrong. It truly is an absence of trust and this is what God I know is wanting me to address. I believe this is my next and immediate assignment.

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