Today begins my time with schools. I meet with one of the high schools today and then one of the superintendents for a lunch meeting about her district. The time at home has been a good refreshment and a time to listen to Jesus knowing all of this is to honor Him. He has reinforced over and over that this work is led by Him if I only keep my eyes and ears focused on Him rather than the issues of man. He already knows these issues and knows how He wants them addressed. I can know His heart if I listen and then respond as He nudges.

Earlier this week when we were still in Joseph, OR I talked at length with Kathy’s brother Dwight. He was encouraging me to check into doing the course work for a biblical counseling license. This is what he has done and he saw this as a good tool for myself. Since getting home I have let the “other voices” go through my head which only condemn this action saying things like, “Here we go again, trying to do what’s going to make you more important.” Last night in share group I told the men about the seed Dwight had planted encouraging me. My reason for sharing it however wasn’t for any reason except to hear some kind of supportive statement afterwards. I was seeking man’s approval rather than God’s. God’s Holy Spirit checked me this morning reminding me that this is about Him and me. If this is to take place, He will open the door. The approval of man is not to be my motivation to move on this. As I prayed I repented of this selfishness. I only want to serve Him.

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