It is amazing how stepping away from an issue or a problem and then returning to it helps one to see the right next step. This is definitely the case with the drama of man. I was given a most troubling situation last evening, one that keeps you awake and then causing dreams during the night. However, when I awoke this morning there was a text from the person showing the simple answer to the drama–Give it to Jesus and Trust Him with it. As I was reading in Matthew this morning I read about the drama given to Him by the Pharisees condemning Him for the good works He was doing. It is amazing how He simply puts it in perspective with scriptural truths. This is what happens when we step away from drama connected to issues and problems which men create. Giving oneself time to let your own emotions subside so God can speak to you is always the right thing to do. God always has the right course for us to take.

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