Yesterday turned into a leisurely, yet emotionally difficult day. Our class, Mending the Soul, did much of the lesson on the make up of an abusive home. It reawakened so many dysfunctional memories of unmet needs and the ugly memories of sheer physical and mental/emotional abuse. Then, last night I happened to watch on TV the movie, “I Can Only Imagine”. Good grief, it was like pouring salt into an open wound that had been freshly reopened. I ached as I went to bed wondering what I was to do with all of this pain? This morning as I entered my devotional time my emotions had subsided and I was able to hear God tell me to place all of them into the same “safe place” I put all of those memories while in therapy. He reminded me that those memories are of a time past. I don’t need to be shackled by them if I give them to Him. I gave them away and all is at peace–Praise God.

Today I return to the cycle of school district work. I had an introduction to this last Friday, but today is the formal beginning of the new year. I give this to God and ask Him to take the lead. I am His servant and I choose to make Him my Master. What a magnificent God we serve!

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