Wow, summer is progressing and August has arrived. With it was a beautiful change in weather last night. The clouds rolled in while the sunlight was still with us and the rain began. The temperature dropped and I was a happy man! There is nothing like a good rain to clear the air and a person’s spirit.

I keep coming to God in the early mornings with the same concern–am I overcommitted this year? I am getting older and my stamina isn’t the same as it had been. Am I making decisions at an emotional level thinking You are leading them? When I asked Jesus what He wanted me to know from Him for today, He instantly placed in my mind the following: “The journey’s road is often uphill and laborious. However, when you have your eyes solely on Me and not on the road you will not even notice the climb. You will only know the joys of serving Me and watching the results of this service.” God sure knows what one needs to hear!

I have a nephew by marriage whose cancer has returned. It is a vicious kind which requires chemo, isolation, surgery and more isolation. This he conquered a few years ago. Now, it has returned. His wife, my niece, asked if I’d pray for him the first of next week as I go deliver blackberries to them. I said I would, of course. As I went into my prayer time this morning and asking God what I should pray over him, He reminded me that His Spirit within me would give me the words at the proper time. I started to question this for at the moment I didn’t sense God’s Spirit within me. Then, the simple word TRUST came to the forefront of my mind and stayed there. Once again, God sure knows what one needs to hear!

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