Today the journey brings a smile to my face as I begin to write this entry. I am enthralled with the teachings of Jesus to His disciples as I continue to read in Matthew. I also love the way Joyce Meyer brings practical reality to the scriptures both in her own life and for the lives of others. How often do I forgive my earthly father as memories come up–“seventy times seven”. How often do I forgive my brother–the same. Do I let the memories haunt me and trigger hatred and bitterness? Or, do I let these memories remind me of Jesus’ teachings to His disciples–forgive as the Father has forgiven you–seventy times seven.

God is making very clear that there is nothing I should be hanging onto as far as sinful acts done in the past. He has forgiven them and I am to do the same no matter how often Satan tries to have me do the opposite. In fact, just reminding Satan that I am a follower of Almighty God and He is making me into the likeness of His Son Jesus empowers me to want to forgive. Through forgiveness and through prayer I can have on “earth what is in heaven”. The more I get to know my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus and His Gift–The Holy Spirit, the more I understand having on earth what I will have in abundance in heaven.

Doesn’t this wonderful reality bring a smile to your face? It sure does mine!

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