The journey has me in Montana. I flew here yesterday and drove 3 hours to get to the district I’ve agreed to work with a couple days a month this year. I was here last month to only get acquainted with the district and to meet the superintendent, get to know him and his hopes and dreams for the district. Yesterday I met with the rest of the admin team supporting the buildings. Today I will meet with the site admin teams during the am and pm. I will then meet tomorrow with all of them together so we can determine the actual goals we want met throughout this school year. The bottom line is always to be the students’ learning. However, one thing we know well is that if a teacher or admin is struggling with their relationship with one another, student learning suffers. So I will start here.

As I was processing all of the above with God this morning I was taken back when God reminded me how much easier this work is today now that He and I have a more secure relationship. I use to say that God may have created me but He didn’t really like this creation very much or He’d stood His ground with him when he was younger. My relationship with Him didn’t come close to the trust I have in Him today. Little did I know how much my Heavenly Father grieved during those abusive years. Now that I understand and rely on God’s leading more fully I can rely on my trust with Him as I do this work. He truly is AMAZING and as I do this work the results are also more amazing to watch as He leads.

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