The district work is finished for this trip and God was glorified. It is so nice to do this work with a believer at the helm. I went in early so the superintendent and I could talk for a moment about the gifts God had given him for this point in time. Then, we talked about how he could use them during this present work. It was an enjoyable moment. It was also interesting how one of the admin opened up with me privately to share that she had lost her husband suddenly 4 years ago and she just wasn’t sure about moving forward. She said she was a believer and needed to know God’s place for her. We were able to do some processing along this line trusting God’s leading.

It seems funny, but now I get to fly home this morning and then pick beans from the garden so I can can them. I’m almost more excited about doing this than I was about coming to this new district! God is so good and it is such a privilege to serve Him!

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