Well, the excitement of picking beans turned into finally having 50 jars canned by evening. My grandson who was taking care of our place while we were gone stayed and helped me pick and snap them which, if he didn’t, I think I’d still be in the process. He’s one good kid!

While we were snapping the beans to get started canning my phone rang. It was a man from our Celebrate Recovery who faithfully attended a few years ago but had dropped away. He wanted to know if he could meet with me? I told him to come at 7 last night thinking I’d be done with the canning by then. When he arrived I had 9 minutes left for the pressure cooker. We talked for a moment while I watched the gauge and then went to our back room for the visit. I won’t go into details, but his marriage is likely ending and he isn’t sure even if he does change it would make the difference. He opened up with a good deal of detail and is truly broken. He had already given himself a couple of healthy assignments which I reinforced. However, I suggested a simple adjustment to them and for him and his wife to meet with Kathy and me. He wasn’t sure that would happen because she was no longer willing to take this step. However, this morning I had a text which came after I’d gone to bed saying his wife was willing. She and Kathy know one another quite well.

God is so amazing! This couple has the potential to impact many. Satan sure doesn’t want this to happen, but God is the Almighty One, not Satan. “One day at a time, one moment at a time, accepting hardship as a pathway to peace.” This quote from the Serenity Prayer is a powerful guide as we begin to implement change in our lives. God is never done with us if we will simply follow this guideline. This one step gives HOPE where Satan wants us to think we are hopeless.

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