Yesterday turned out to be a full and good day. The class of men going through Mending the Soul topped the list for me. It is so tough to admit what one has kept buried inside oneself for one’s entire life. It brings tears to my eyes each week as I listen to these men gruelingly tell their connections to the questions we process. I know their responses so well and it brings back horrid memories of my own. Yet, I know this freedom they don’t yet know. Hope is the ingredient which brings them back each week. One gentleman yesterday said right up front that he was not going to give a response to one question. It was the question, “What secrets are you still carrying inside as an adult?” However, by the time all of the rest had shared, he said, “If I’m going to have freedom from this bondage I will need to share–right?” We all said together, “Yes!” He said he would share next week. God is working! How I love Him for this!

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